The Team



Kristin, Co-Founder & Status Quo Disrupter

Kristin is passionate about improving the way we live and work and is also a foodie and yogi at heart. She has a background in international development, helping to design USAID projects around the globe. She feels most inspired when traveling. LinkedIn


Nick_Headshot 1

Nick, Co-Founder & 9-5 Retiree

A budding guitarist and practical jokester, Nick ensures fun is never in short supply at YonderWork. Nick previously consulted on international risk for Booz Allen Hamilton, and also developed a corporate social responsibility program for a leading logistics firm in Latin America. He loves meeting new people, learning languages, and designing awesome events. LinkedIn


Arthur edited

Arthur, Business Development & Chocolatier

Arthur is a bachelor’s candidate in business administration at Northeastern University and has diverse experience working for multiple startups and a seed accelerator firm in the United States and South America. His professional interests include personal selling, graphic design, and growing businesses. He also loves traveling, cooking, inventing and camping. LinkedIn


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Liz, Brand Manager

Liz has a bachelor’s degree in French and International Relations from Saint Michael’s College in Vermont and is interested in web development, brand strategy, and user experience design. She loves to travel, and has spent a spring in Paris, driven around Iceland, and hiked all over Vermont. LinkedIn


andrew yonderwork

Andrew, Business Development & Daydream Artist

Andrew’s immense drive to learn and explore has led him down many avenues in life, across different fields and across the world. He graduated from New York University and later went on to study software and financial planning. He believes in the power of travel and in forming new connections. His main interest is seeing technology driven by human needs and harnessed to humane ends. LinkedIn