5 Ways Remote Workers can Master Work-Life Balance

It’s getting increasingly difficult to find a perfect work-life balance; one where you feel as committed to your work as you do to your social life. Both deserve our undivided attention and achieving this balance is proven to help us become happier and more productive individuals. So why do we find this so darn challenging?! Here at YonderWork we’ve defined 5 ways that help remote workers find harmony between the two and we hope you’ll incorporate these into your lives too!

1. Set Your Own Parameters Around Success

What does success mean to you? This definition varies amongst everyone, but it all boils down to what we want from our own personal and professional lives. Once we have an end-goal, we’ll then be able to tailor our life and day-to-day around it. Knowing this will help us have clearer minds and get better at saying “yes” or “no” to certain projects or tasks. We’ll become better at decision-making, prioritizing, and organizing our days. Once our own life and direction becomes clear, our work life balance will follow suit.

2. Know When To Unplug

In our always-connected remote working world, we tend to be on our computers and answering messages 24/7. Thus, we take our work everywhere with us, disrupting both our weekends and vacation time. But unplugging is vital to our existence; we need to carve out time to relax, rejuvenate and unwind. Taking this time for ourselves, whether it be through yoga, surfing, or another hobby, it helps refocus our minds and de-stress.

3. Define Your Workspace

Whether it be a designated room in your home or a local coworking space, we see it as critical to having a barrier between your workspace and your living space. It helps you to focus on the task at hand, often resulting in better time management. At YonderWork, we love coworking spaces because they have the added benefit of the community. Having strong support is especially crucial to managing our stress in tough times and to celebrate our successes. Further support from your community instills in us a sense of purpose and belonging and this network acts as a great sounding board for our future goals and dreams.

4. Manage Your Time

Organizing our time between working and traveling is highly beneficial for getting the most out of our days. It’s important to prioritize what needs to get done and what can wait. Becoming better at managing our work and personal time allows us to not get too buried in our work and start to feel overwhelmed. Part of time management is making plans – either in the form of business meetings or social gatherings – so that we don’t lose track of our goals and ensure that we’re carving out the right amount of time for post-work activities and enjoyment.

5. Take Time Off

We at YonderWork are not only huge fans of work life balance but also taking time off; it’s the ultimate way for us to completely disconnect and lose ourselves in the world around us. Taking time off – whether it be a personal day or a planned trip – not only gives us something to look forward to but reminds us that we deserve a break every now and again. It’s easy to get caught up in the hustle and bustle of our day jobs, but vacation allows us to take a step back and see what we each value the most.

By Arielle Crane @aricrane