For Employers

We have solutions that support organizations all along the remote work spectrum. Each organization is unique so we work with you to co-create a solution that fits your needs. 


Make Sure It’s Right for You

Going remote is not as simple as sending all of your employees home. First, you must understand if it is a good fit for your organization. We ask the questions that help you unpack what is happening inside your culture at every level, analyze your business operations and workflows, and understand where remote working can add value.



What We Can Do

  • Free Initial Consultation
  • Remote Fit Bootcamp
  • Cultural Mapping
  • Feasibility Analysis




Develop a Plan & Gain Buy-In

Developing a project plan and bringing management on board will ensure your remote work transition will stay on schedule and within budget. While it may seem counterintuitive, we always launch a remote work program with an in person event. The camaraderie built at these events goes a long way in building trust in remote teams which is a core pillar to the success and sustainability of remote work.

What We Can Do

  • Remote Work Business Case
  • Rollout Timeline
  • In-person Kickoff




Run a Pilot

Running a pilot program is a smart way to test a flexible remote working model. We help you identify the best way to pilot your program through a crawl-walk-run methodology. We will also help you evaluate what works and what doesn’t and provide actionable data on productivity and employee engagement. 


What We Can Do 

  • Pilot Planning
  • Performance Tracking and Evaluation

Train Up & Roll Out

We introduce remote working to your entire team to maximize effectiveness. Your work continues like normal only now you’re employing remote working practices and tools. As you build your team’s remote working capacity you start to see the shift from work driven by time and place to work driven by results. 

What We Can Do

  • Training Workshops
  • Remote Work Policies


Thrive & Innovate

Even the best remote teams need to colocate from time to time. We facilitate retreats that encourage bonding, brainstorming, and innovation. 

What We Can Do

  • Local or Exotic Team retreats
  • Design and Innovation Sprints