Why YonderWork?

We are creating a different kind of community 

If this sounds like you


Professional Development

Our goal is that you leave each YonderWork experience with improved creative skills,

technical aptitude, and an ability to create meaningful impact.  



Unlock your ability to see the world differently and tackle problems in innovative ways. 


Transform ideas into action by keeping up with the latest trends and tools.


Make a positive change for yourself, your organization, and the world. 

Our greatest lessons come from the University of Life – getting out into the real world, getting your hands dirty, interacting with people in real situations, travelling and learning on the spot.
— Richard Branson

All in a YonderWork Week


Language lunches 

The first three weeks in country we offer twice-a-week language lunches. We bring in a language coach to teach you the basics so that you can get around more easily and are better able to connect with the local community. A delicious local lunch is also on us. 

yonderx super speakers & workshops

YonderWork is a learning community that encourages your growth by helping you to think globally, amplify your skills, and empower innovation. Every other week, we organize a speaker or a workshop revolving around one of our professional development topics. These include design thinking, social impact, growth hacking, mindfulness, 3-D printing, and more.  This is an opportunity for you to ask questions, find inspiration, and maybe even work alongside them.




We make sure to take time celebrate our accomplishments, kick-back, and get social. At least once a week, we meet-up to have a grill-out around the pool, hike to a breathtaking view, or find out who has the best salsa moves. We try to incorporate local activities whenever possible and so these vary depending on location. Check out each of our location pages for some of the awesome events we have planned. 


Skill Dating 

Participants have an opportunity to share their skills, collaborate, learn from each other, and formalize professional connections in a 1-on-1 speed dating style. Once a week, we set-aside an hour where participants can ask for help with a project they are working on or a skill they would like to learn from another member of the community. It's our way to facilitate knowledge sharing.


Slow Travel

We embrace slow travel. While it sounds enticing to jet set from country to country, the reality is this often leaves you feeling rushed and unfulfilled. By spending two months in each location you will experience places more intensely.

Traveling slowly allows you to focus on work and enjoy all that travel has to offer. Forget the Fear of Missing Out (FOMO). You will have time to make deep connections and go beyond the Top 10 Things To Do on TripAdvisor. Learn a language, go off the beaten-path, and enjoy even the simplest pleasures. By not rushing from place to place you can also avoid burnout and focus on living rather than visiting.